Latest web design trends that will make the headlines in 2018

There has been huge groundbreaking and revolutionary developments in web design industry. Web design trends in 2018, survived well on the internet to better things this year. The visual landscape for designers in the New Year was similar to previous year’s trends in web design and development. We believe in providing the best user experience. If you are looking for a responsive website design company, then there are plenty to choose from. You need to choose the right one to build a good responsive website.

The latest web design trends are as follows:-

Material and flat design – These are 2 different trends in 2018. It helps reduce load time, of web pages and makes websites looks stunning in both high and low-resolution screens. Material designs are an improved version of the flatter design. It stresses on animations, layers, shades and much more. The navigation bar is easier with material design. Material design is intuitive, quite easy to understand and to use as well.

Bootstrap – This is a front-end framework. Developers consider this as an important element. It helps build responsive websites and guarantees access to the wide number of platforms. This can be scaled through single code base using tablets to phones and desktops as well. CSS media queries are required to scale web elements.

UX/UI – The UX/UI designs are of greater attention with more designers paying attention to such designs. This is one of the latest website design trends in the year 2018. This provides a much smoother and better experience for users who surf the internet for websites such as these. This has been a pivotal point for developers. Users’ extended browsing experience can easily be leveraged with website browsing experience.

Call to action buttons – Call to action buttons or the CTA, in general, is an important opportunity for people who can react to offers and messages that are listed on websites. Thus this utility and call to action have made it imperative place within the web design trends in 2018. For us marketers, elements will come as the right instruction option. This is directed towards the people that will provide the response for slogans for “call us now”, “visit us now”, and “get to know us better”.

The hamburger menu – 3 parallel horizontal lines resemble hamburger menu and is a button for the user interface. These are used in apps and social networking sites that make them successful utilization of such hamburger menu in Facebook.

Responsive technique – This is a major trend and a technique that has been developed now. Responsive websites and responsive design help easy access on any of the devices or platforms including pcs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The increased use of smartphones has played a phenomenal role in building websites that are responsive.

Parallax Scrolling – This is one of the latest and the most well-known web design trend in 2018. Although it began its journey in 2017, it is not becoming more popular these days. This is mostly for video game audience.

Typography – Topography along with responsiveness will work exceptionally well on a wide range of devices. This provides a greater impact on visitors. It is a representation of brands that would leave the greater impact on the visitors.

Video Headers – Among all the latest trends in web design in 2018, videos also has the capability to attract users towards the websites and bold stunning headers. This will be the icing on the cake. This is a planned marketing strategy and quite a success.

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