9 web design trends that will stand out and make a difference in 2018

As the clock strikes twelve at midnight, the New Year begins. This means it’s time to toss out all the bad habits and obtain the new ones. Bad design habits are one of them. Inefficient processes and similar or outdated techniques should be taken into consideration. They should be replaced with newer codes and technologies. In 2018, web design trends will tell us almost anything. The design trends that are available in 2017 are not applicable in 2018. Things have changed drastically since then and thus newer strategies and coding with a twist should be adopted.

Although some of the web design trends that you have developed and has been using in the last couple of years, they might be outdated and obsolete. The old design trends of 2018 have evolved a great deal as technologies that are used to execute them and our knowledge of what users want to have been further refined. Here are some web design trends that you must master in 2018:-

1. Vibrant colour schemes – When Google came up with material design in the year 2014, it was more like telling web designers what to do with bright light colours in a controlled setting. 2018 is providing designers a thumbs-up so that you can experiment further. Vibrant colours are probably one of the tamest parts as there might be more experimentation with double exposure, photo saturation and gradients.

2. Rebellious Typography Choices – This is more due to the header text. The rules for standard paragraph text should not be broken. With that being said, header text on the home page is a whole different story. There will be a major shake-up in how this header text must be styled and it's going to be bolder, oddly spaced, transparent, weirdly mishappened and haphazardly placed. There might be other techniques that designers may come up with.

3. Sticky elements – If you see in 2018, the user experience can disrupt shocking amounts of colour, unexpected movement, and typography and typography that may need to work a little more than usual. Not all web design trends are disruptive in nature. Sticky nav bars and hello bars are some of the new concepts in web design. That said designers will recognize the advantages of certain elements that make them stick to the side of the website that will help reduce friction while sharing messages in an unobtrusive way with the visitors.

4. Fluid Shapes – These come from geometric focused designs that dominated websites for the last few years. Geometry is the trend. You can also provide depth and movements if you want as well. Thus in the year 2018, you will have to round up some of the sharper edges of your websites. This will bring back 3D layering of material design.

5. Mobile responsive and prioritization – It must be mobile friendly and responsive. Responsive website design with the techniques are mastered again and makes it mobile friendly and responsive.

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