SEO Strategies That Will Survive Any Future Algorithm Change[2021]


You must think of probable future changes when you are optimizing for today’s algorithm. Successful SEOs will enable thinking about how to build an SEO strategy that will survive the future clock of possible algorithm changes. Before you jump into new technologies like voice technology or virtual reality, you need to consider the fact that whether such technologies have made it in the open market yet or not. In other words, it must have been truly adopted by the consumers who are looking to prevail in the market. Market disruption is only possible when technology is widely accepted by mankind.

It begins with technology innovation, changes in society through adoption, and finally market disruption. One of the major ways of determining search volume and signals of intent relates to key technologies that could impact a business. In 2021, the voice-activated search is still unclear, what role these tech guys will play in the lives of the consumers as they are quite unsure about the true impact.

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Topic Relevancy
Google updated its Humming Bird algorithm in 2017, which helps deal with queries that are quite controversial in nature. This will mostly mean that Google is able to easily identify the searcher’s intent. This also means recognizing keywords and understanding the user’s search intent that will respond with many relevant and contextual answers. The SEOs must research and respond by optimizing right around a relevant topic rather than just finding keywords in the future. Longer content will actually cover the whole topic in-depth, which may result in a higher ranking.

This might also prove to be tough for those marketers who are looking to rank for something that is not the site topic as a whole. Thus you as an SEO must be able to write articles and blogs. Longer content is likely to rank higher in the search engines, especially the ones that cover the entire topic.

Improving user experience
Google quick answers and featured snippets are here to improve the entire user experience thus providing a more relevant result for users. Thus practitioners should follow suit, thus prioritizing user experience and aligning them with some SEO goals. If you already have goals set up and have SEO and UX teams in place, then performance can improve gradually across the board.

Localization is a continuous growth with users using their mobiles to search for nearby professional services and solutions. So what is the perfect recipe for ranking in all the local search results? First things first as businesses should make sure they are listed. Local content must be optimized along with a description, categories, opening hours, and phone numbers. Various other link signals including location proximity, online reviews, href lang tags, and various off-page strategies that can also have an effect on how Google indexes location content. Thus it is very important that businesses are able to recognize and act on different issues that may otherwise affect local search results so that they can do the bare minimum.

Reviews sharing and review building
Online review sharing is a good way to build credibility. They can also be applied to local businesses and listings, and can also be incorporated into Google results for entertainment, movies, and e-commerce products. This could be some form of critic review that the author or the editor has to supply to an authority publisher. It could be some form of a rich snippet that tends to combine the rating score for reviewers on some related site.

If you want to take advantage, then you as an SEO must start tracking and optimize the performance of different search phrases that have the word ‘reviews’ in it. Marketers will have more chances to appear on the review that could in turn help increase click-through. SEOs should chalk out a strategy that would actually be really helpful and highly useful. This could be by asking for reviews within the email campaigns, product pages and rewarding the review process.

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