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Research proves that 88% of users don’t come back to a website after bad user experience.

It is a scary statistic, but it surely puts everything in perspective and alerts us about the importance and significance of user experience in a website’s design.

User experience can be said to be the overall experience of a visitor when he visits a website.

It’s not just the design and layout elements of the website, but, it is a comprehensive mass of many little interactions stitched together in order to create a positive mindset about the website, leading to the branding company.

It is proved that a lot of users review a website and its parent company by the sheer user experience of the website.

Hence, quality and captivating user experience is a must for a website and its company’s success.

The following steps are essential tips that can help you increase conversion rates and revenue, which will ultimately help you grow the business.

1) Keep a consistent branding/theme

Consistent branding can increase a business’ revenue by 23%, a consistent visual identity across the various platforms helps in creating a brand that the consumers can easily engage with and could identify it easily. 

Top websites achieve this by utilizing a consistent and recognizable color palette, consistent fonts and typography and a few more unique elements that make the brand easily identifiable.

The consistency in branding creates a stable environment and lets the user easily identify the brand and differentiate from the other competitors.

For example, Flipkart has very consistent branding across all platforms; they have the same color scheme, animations, and typography, across all their platforms, from computers to mobile screens.

2) Make action calls understandable

It is found that even after reaching to the website, some users won't know the action that the company wants them to take until its made extremely clear through direct languages and Calls to Actions (CTA).

To keep these CTA go along with the branding one should follow the following steps.

  • Make buttons that are distinguishable and easily viewable.
  • Use clear language and simple short words to understand messaging. It can be playable with and most importantly, users should immediately understand what will happen when they click the button.
  • The font should be in harmony with the branding and at the same time should be very readable.
  • Utilize spaces to allow the messages to fit and function.

3) Create with the consumers in mind

A website isn’t for the company to use and see, instead, it is meant for the consumers and hence, the websites must be designed with the consumer’s desires and preferences in the mind.

For this one needs to conduct and follow market research on the consumers.

This will let one find out the consumer’s preference and then integrate it with the company’s branding to make their website approachable and captivating for users across all the platforms.

Ultimately, investing in user experience design would provide a company with a great Return on Investment through the years.

Innovations and changes must be made on a timely basis to keep up with demands in the market.

Putting attention to the consumer, and creating a user-friendly, intuitive website, would help the company to attract more and more consumers to their brand.

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