Predictions for Digital Marketing in the year 2018

If you are an SEO marketer, chances are that you have been following the SEO trend and the changes happening related to SEO. It is thus quite easy to predict if you are already aware of such SEO results. Some of the predictions include matters related mobile search, voice search, content, linking, speed, SEO, e-commerce, machine learning, virtual reality and video that will help you make informed decisions this year. Mobile First: This will be a bigger player in the year 2018 from the month of February. Google will index its desktop version before moving on to mobile first index. They will roll out this mobile first update sooner than expected. This is known to impact rankings. Voice Search: This will be a major SEO focus in the year 2018. Google voice search is a Google product that will allow users to use Google search when you speak on a mobile phone or computer. Machine Learning: Machine learning is a big deal in 2018. It will impact content in the year 2018. The digital marketing medium is facing a fundamental strategic change due to intelligent techniques. This is quite different, but not difficult. This dynamic medium will already effectively adapt to new changes such as social media, SEO, content writing throughout 15 years of existence. SEO has gone through many transformations over years, that begins from landing page optimization on a desktop computer to further complex ever-adapting process of enhancing existing content, thus creating new and engaging content that meets the target user on different platforms and gadgets. Virtual Reality: Virtual reality will penetrate every sector, including the SEO sector as well. Links and social media sharing will be the social sharing bait in the near future. Virtual reality will allow you to reach a wider audience base as it can repurpose online video content or engaging graphics. Fresh and creative VR content will help generate more traffic and also backlinks to your website. This will increase your domain authority and search engine ranking. Virtual reality is worthy content and a popular one. It has the power to catch people’s attention. You can take advantage of people’s interest regarding everything VR-related that is bound to draw more traffic to your site. Reach to the new audience is quite big. Social media platforms will also focus on virtual reality. Search engines are tapping into VR data that will index and rank it accordingly. Video SEO: Video content has skyrocketed since the last couple of years and thus it’s time to examine how adding SEO to your videos will impact rankings. Try and add value including creation of authority, host video to your own domain, creation of interactive content, creation of relevant metadata, optimize keywords, focusing on the thumbnail, sharing content, addition of video transcript, creation of a video sitemap, repurpose video, embedding your video and finally sharing it on social media. E-commerce: Google will set up a major e-commerce competitor this year. Google has an express site also called Express Google, which has a wide network of manufacturers and many resellers who are already there in place. Content Focus: Content is in focus next to a major emphasis in 2018. Good and intelligent content that are bound to answer people’s needs which means that the empowered content teams with SEO will dominate this area. There will be significant growth in the development of content teams including teams with training and tools, thus enabling writers an army of writers larger than SEO team to start doing SEO for themselves as we create content. As a sidebar, we expect Word press usage runs on 29.3% of all the websites; will multiply for this year with a large number of sites that are being redesigned with word press. There will be a new era of active word press plug-ins. This will help motivate content writers to do more with SEO themselves, thus leading to better-optimized content on word press site. This improvement is countered by a possible late 2018 release of WP Gutenberg. This is a new editor interface for word press that is still being tested before being released in the market. inking: Links empower search results but are heavily spammed in the process. The penguin filter from Google has been in action with Google’s main algorithm for almost a year now. We will see that unnatural links will work too many times in the search results. There might be a major update to algorithm sections that deal with links to a much better filter spammy, off-topic links. Speed: This is yet another factor in the field of digital marketing in the year 2018. Progressive web technology will be adapted to increase site speed. Both website developers and app developers will adopt this approach that will allow deliverance of good speed to users. SEO: Technical SEO and traditional SEO are both important. One has to build a site’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness those that will be key factors to focus on this year. The companies with the best staff are usually trained and working on SEO based content organized strategically. Kre8iveminds is a digital marketing agency in Kolkata that provides various digital marketing tasks and SEO services in India.

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