10 Terrific Ways To Increase Facebook Posts Reach


So it’s Facebook Posts Reach again. This subject is trending as one of the hot topics in Social Media Marketing today and has caused many controversies. When you talk about increasing the reach, the obvious answer is that you have to invest more time and money as in Facebook Ads. But organic reach is also not something out of the question. 

But first before diving into the ways let’s know what does reach on Facebook mean?

In general, reach on social media refers to how many people saw your post. Nevertheless, there are different types of reach on Facebook but today we are discussing Post reach.  Post reach is the number of unique users who saw a specific post that you made.

If we go in-depth, there is organic reach and paid reachOrganic reach is the number of people who saw your post on their own and not with ad money, while paid reach is the number of people who saw your post because you paid some amount to promote it.

Here I am suggesting you 10 brilliant tips to increase your Facebook post reach and if you want to increase the paid reach of your posts, I recommend you www.kre8iveminds.com, one of the best social media marketing agency in Kolkata.

1. Mix up your post formats

The first tip would definitely be to test out different variety of post types to extend the organic reach.

Post video content often just to check how they perform and if they are not working for you try posting linked content and highlight them what your audience would love. 

Just not stop there if you start getting decent reach by regular posting the same Facebook post type, try different and latest formats and it will keep your content fresh and flowing and engaging for your audience.  

2. Go live and authentic

We highly recommend you going live in posts and stories. It brings authenticity and genuineness and brings everyone in the comment section. Your followers will connect with you more as everyone is sharing the same experience. 

Create live video and story content and engage the audience in the comment section. This helps in growing your organic reach 

3. Use attractive images and videos

Having an eye-catchy and appealing content is a must to stand out in people’s crowded News Feeds. A recent survey found that over 70% of marketers think visual content is important for their social media strategy.

Facebook posts with unique images get 2.3 times more engagement as those without images. That’s a fact!

Moreover, posts that get more engagement appear at the top in users’ feeds, leading to better reach as well. That’s why visual content is so important in improving the spread of your Facebook posts.

4. Analyse your best time to post

Find out the best time that is doing the work for you. If you share a blog at 5 AM, it will sink down by the time your target audience is awake. Instead, use your Facebook analytics to make out when your audience is online. You will see peak days and times for your followers on your Page Insights under the Posts section.

5. The posting tempo

After figuring it out what time suits your content for the target audience the bets, the next step is deciding how often you should post. 

Your organic reach mostly depends on how willing your followers are to engage with your content rapidly and enthusiastically.

6. Focus on engagement 

This is a never ending debate whether Engagement is more important or the reach?

Well some of the Facebook algorithm changes showed that engagement has a better impact on reach.

7. The engagement bait

The Facebook update is not just about prioritizing the posts that get a lot of engagement.

That’s why Facebook reduces or even bans your organic reach if you manipulate  with different tactics to fish for engagement.

8. Make your audience feel 

You should inspire your followers to react. Never beg for reactions from your followers.

The more strongly people start relating to your content, the more likely they are to react, share, or comment on it. And this is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement with your posts and therefore increase organic reach.

Appeal to your followers’ emotions. 

9. Conduct contests

Who doesn’t love freebies?

One of the best ways to draw your users interest in your content is to start a contest or sweepstakes on your page. By this you can boost your organic reach as people will surely comment under your posts.

10. Repurpose evergreen content

If you have content that gained a lot of reach and engagement in the past, there’s a good chance it will work again.

So there’s absolutely no reason not to repurpose high-quality evergreen content.

About the author – 

Punam Singh

I am the writer of the above blog. Being a content writer for more than 5 years now, I love to write on trendy market topics and share my point of view. I truly take pride in writing such an informative blog for Kre8iveminds and I hope this blog helps you in many ways. Good Luck.

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