How to Make More Money In Your Local Business With Online Marketing


A business needs customer to survive and grow. And in order to attract customers, you need to promote well as the possibilities today are endless. You need to be a bit different than your competitors to attract your customers. A digital marketing agency can help you achieve that. And in case you are struggling to make some money in your local business with online marketing, this post is at your rescue. Below I’m going to cover the 10 most effective ways to do so on a limited budget, so let’s get started.

1. Create your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is what allows your business to show up in Google Maps results, in its local section and also when someone searches your business name and location, this free listing should be your topmost priority.

2. Get a website

Every business needs a website. Even if they find you on social media platforms or Google, they still want to check out your website.

3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a set of practices that line up your business with Google’s ranking algorithm. It isn’t just one tactic, but many tactics that collectively work together to improve your Google ranking. 

4. Create business blogs

Content is a very important driver of SEO. 

Great blog posts can be:

  • Instructional posts
  • Lists of strategies and resources 
  • Q&A or interview write up with an industry expert
  • Thought leadership posts
  • Example
  • Guest posts
  • Customer testimonials or case studies
  • Seasonal posts 

5. Run Google Ads

While SEO can take weeks and months to get to the top of results pages, for more immediate exposure with a certain budget Google Ads will do the thing for you. 

6. Get online customer reviews and respond to them

Testimonials on your own website are great, but reviews on official platforms are even better. Claim your listings wherever possible, and analyse these sites frequently. This way you can respond to reviews and promote your business. 

7. Social media platforms

Facebook is the largest social network online and a great way to interact with existing customers and to reach new customers. LinkedIn has become a place to join in on group discussions, connect with potential customers, form new partnerships, or just to do general online networking. Video marketing is a great way to promote your business, and YouTube lets you do it for free! Instagram is the third most popular platform out there. You can:

  • Promote your sales and deals with hashtags.
  • Run contests 
  • Offer advice and tutorials to stand out as a go-to resource.

8. Strive to get local press

The idea of pitching your business happenings to the local press feels intimidating right? But the truth is, local blogs, newspapers, online publications are always on the hunt for fresh content.

9. Attend, host, or sponsor local events

Attending local networking events is a great way to increase your presence in your community. Attending, hosting, or sponsoring events in your community can definitely promote your business.

10. Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing has been around for ages. It is important because –

  • People like to stay informed.
  • People constantly check their email.
  • Email offers detailed reporting.
  • You can segment your lists for targeted, personalized emails.
  • Email marketing generates a 30x average return on investment.
  • Email marketing platforms offer flexibility, creativity, and most importantly, ease of use.

You can effectively promote your business even with a limited budget. There are a lot of options when it comes to the promotion of your business. By implementing these above strategies, you can undoubtedly gain a lot of money. Kre8iveminds, a Digital marketing company in Kolkata is a great option to go with today. Visit for more information.

Punam Singh

I’m the writer of the above article. I am no marketing guru but writing content on trending topics has been a part of my life since my school days. I look at the topic from a beginner’s point of view and love to explain it in my own words.  I hope the blog will be helpful to you. Best wishes.

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