Digital Marketing Agency: 17 Ways to Get Google Index Your Website Real Quick


Indexing can also be called the measure of something. It can be used as a statistical measure for tracking economic data, a method for grouping a specific market segment, or an investment management strategy for passive investments. And if you are looking for some Digital Marketing agency in Kolkata that would help you index your site on Google easily, Kre8iveminds is at your rescue. It is a renowned Digital marketing company and holds a great name in the market.

Your website needs to be indexed if you want to show up in the first place in search results.

And of course you do not want your site to be indexed just once. You want Goggle to keep re-indexing your site and remain at the top in the searches.

Search engines like Google don’t just update automatically on their own.

If you want to be superior you can’t just rely on the old-school SEO strategies for your website, moreover they are long gone too.

Today, keywords and meta tag stuffing is penalized and not rewarded. And meta keyword tags aren’t part of the algorithm anymore. If you’re not careful, you could get your site in trouble— which means your site won’t rank for any keywords at all.

These days, Google is more concerned with the overall user experience on your site and the user intention behind the search .Does the user want to buy something (commercial intent) or learn something (informational intent)?

They even made Page Experience one of the ranking factors.

And yes of course, keywords still matter. 

That’s why website indexing is so important for your site.

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Frequent indexing improves your search results.

The following 17 steps will guide you through everything you need to know for getting your website indexed.

Step 1: Check if your site is already indexed?

Step 2: If not, Install and Set Up Google Analytics & Search Console

Step 3: Create a detailed Content Marketing Strategy

Step 4: Start Blog postings

Step 5: Use Internal Links to Your Website

Step 6: Promote Social Sharing 

Step 7: Add a Sitemap Plugin to get Google to Index Your website

Step 8: Submit the Sitemap to Search Console

Step 9: Create Social Media platforms

Step 10: Use robots.txt

Step 11: Index Your Site 

Step 12: Share Your Content on Aggregators

Step 13: Share Your Website Link Everywhere

Step 14: Set Up an RSS Feed

Step 15: Submit Your Website to Directories

Step 16: Check for Google Errors Frequently

Step 17: Make Sure Pages that Shouldn’t be Indexed Aren’t

It helps a lot when you post or publish something new on your website. It is like asking Google to take a look at it and consider as you have added something new to it.

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I am the writer of the above blog. Being a content writer for more than 5 years now, I love to write on trendy market topics and share my point of view. I hope this blog helps you in choosing the right marketing agency for your business. Good Luck.

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