What is Responsive Web Design and how is it Used?

The era of internet and computers have descended upon us. We now solely rely on mobiles, laptops, computers, PCs and tablets to surf the internet. The range of mobile phone and mobile devices are growing at a quick rate every year. Apart from people surfing the internet via desktops, mobile phones have also become very popular. Thus the need of the hour is responsive website design that would be accessible through any device including tablets, PCs, mobile phones and laptops. Web design should be such as it should respond to user behavior end based on the screen size, orientation and platform. We are a bespoke web design company in Kolkata and cater to the needs of our clients whether be it international or domestic.

The development is on an upward trend since its inception in 2010 – named as responsive web design by Ethan Marotte. Mobile internet is popularizing and so is the need for responsive web design. Thus as the name suggests, the page design is basically responsive in nature and it changes according to its characteristics of its terminals including screen sizes. There will only be one website for all devices, and that is going to be responsive in nature. The design will no longer be static in nature. Elements such as bottom navigation, images and bar are variable. This provides you with an optimized display on each and every terminal and their device where independent communication is possible.

The technical standards of a good responsive design include HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, based on the technique known as the media queries. The screen size determines the relevancy of the code or is the unit of measurement. Thus it is quite understood that CSS can be applied to various devices with much effort. If you have the resolution ratios handy, then it is quite possible to adjust the page layout, the fonts and the element sizes. This would also include the navigation that can be easily adjusted. This way you do not have to rely on HTML and JavaScript code. Responsive design is a must for the mobile world.

responsive website design should be based on the user behavior, environment screen size, and platforms. A bunch of flexible grids or layout, use of images and clever use of CSS media queries is a good practice and a basic step to creating a website that is responsive in nature. The website should have its much needed technology to respond to user preference. This would eradicate the need for a different design or development phase for each new gadget within the market. If you are looking for a jazzy and responsive web design for your business, then you can hire us at responsive web designing company Kolkata.

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