The Most Effective Method to Make Sure Your Social Media Posts Really Stand Out in 2021


I know it is quite difficult to stand out when so many brands are investing so much in their social media presence. All you need to do id to keep experimenting with new tricks and formulas and gain new followers. A good Digital Marketing Company can provide you that space. 

Keeping that in mind I’ve compiled a list of 9 most effective methods you can use to make your social media content stand out!

  1. Plan out Your Long-Form Content 

You will need to plan out your posts ahead of time, if you plan on automating your content. Once done with that, you need to schedule the posts out. 

Long-form content is not just good for your on-site content but also for social media updates. It is an overall trend that impacts many marketing tactics. 

2. Pull Up Your animated GIF Game

Images have been proven to improve social media engagement and animated images perform even better. From creative cinematographs to funny movie memes, animated GIFs are all around our lives and they are powerful social media content these days.

3. Set Seasonal strategies 

We many a times plan out our traditional marketing strategies, so why not include some specific seasonal campaigns in your social media strategy? Pre-plan new business goal or theme for the upcoming season; it is one of the easiest ways to get started. 

4. Evaluate New Platforms

Keeping your social media account up to date with the latest trends in the world is a must now to keep your followers engaged. If there are any new platforms or features or trend that you have not tested out yet, this is the time for you to start monitoring which new platforms make sense for your business to join.

5. Observe Your Results 

It’s a good practice to regularly check the analytics of the posts and Stories that you are sharing on your social media. By reviewing the analytics for your posts, you can make out what contents are performing the best  with higher engagement rates, views or link clicks. It is always better to adjust your dashboard of analytics to analyse how the traffic is engaging with your account.

6. Update Your Bio

One of the essential things while revamping your social media is your Bio. Review your Social Media bios to check if there is any important update that needs to be made. Do not forget to add your website link and do ensure your bio is consistent across all of your social media platforms.

7. Do regular Competitive Analysis

Checking on your competitors is a must to outshine your social media posts today. Observe and understand how they are doing well and gain some knowledge to improve your engagement. Analyze the SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) and come back stronger with a well-detailed plan.

8. Search New Hashtags

I know you must be already taking advantage of hashtags in your social media strategy! One of the best organic ways to grow your social media in 2021 is by testing out and creating new hashtags. Do create a list of new hashtags, keeping a track and analysing which post and hastag is performing well and increasing traffic of your post. 

9. Start Collaborating More

One of the best things about social media is that it allows you to connect and build a community of people with same interests. To outstand your social media community in 2021, it’s a great idea to look for collaborations. You could easily collaborate and announce a giveaway for your followers and grow your following with customers who are likely to be interested in your brand.

Creating social media posts that stand out is an art. There’s no simple trick to do that. It involves lots of creativity and brainstorming and creativity. Kre8iveminds, Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata can help you easily increase your social media engagement and gain numerous new followers in just few days. It is a Social media service providing company in Kolkata with great SEO-SMO experts. Do visit their website

About the author – 

Punam Singh

I am the writer of the above blog. Being a content writer for more than 5 years now, I love to write on trendy market topics and share my point of view. I truly take pride for writing such an informative blog for Kre8iveminds and I hope this blog helps you in choosing the right marketing agency for your business. Good Luck. I hope the above ideas will help you come up with some original social media content that will bring new followers and brand advocates. Good luck!

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