Are You Wasting Money in Google Ads?


People are highly dependent on different means of online marketing to promote their brand and products. Google Ads are one such popular means of digital marketing that can do wonders to soar your sales figures if used diligently. But people have mixed opinions regarding the workability of these Google Ads and some may find it to be useless money erosional thing! So how to determine if the Ads, your company is running a money wastage drive or not?


If you have a flattened sales graph and your customer's email list is swelling without giving you sufficient conversions, even after running these highly paid Ads, then it’s time to take help from the best digital marketing company in KolkataGoogle Ads needs lots of research and proper use of keywords to give you optimum benefits. If not planned appropriately, the money will be wasted in running meaningless ads that will simply drain money to optimize your brands without any end resultant. Here are some key techniques touses to ensure a high ROI.

How to Run Your Google Ads Effectively

  • Make Your Ads Content More Realistic Rather Than Creative

Don’t bluff your consumers! Show what exactly you sell. A misleading Ad campaign will only result in useless clicks for which you have to pay heavily but without any returns. So stay true to the consumer.

  • Focus On Conversion Goals Rather Than Just Raising Traffic

What is the use of views and traffic if your sales and revenues are stagnant! No one is aiming to get praises for the landing page designs right! We all are running the Ads for one simple reason, “SALES”. So it is better to follow other conversion methods once you get the traffic through Google Ads.

  • Getting The Keywords Right

You may spend years running the Ads with wrong keywords and then blaming the platform and criticising it for zero returns! Correct keyword selection by a Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata is the oxygen for this Ads campaign and once you hit the right notes, you are unstoppable.

  • Comparing Your Offers With The Competitors

The world is an open market and there is enough rat-race between the companies. You need to curb the competition and run ahead of your competitors. Always be on the safer side by conducting enough research in the market. Be aware of your competitors’ strategies and find out what are your Google Ads campaign missing, where are you going wrong! A deep analysis will only help you figure out the correct ways to make the most of your paid Ads.

  • Investing In Data And Chalk Other Conversion Follow-Ups

Collect enough database and start with a vigorous follow-up policy. You need to keep chasing the consumer for possible conversion in the future. A follow-up via other marketing techniques results in a significant sale surge.

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