5 Ways to Use Google AdWords for Better Conversion


Digital Marketing is everywhere! There is hardly any company that is still aloof of this powerful marketing platform that has a wide audience reach than any other paper or electronic medium. Google AdWords is one such technique that helps you capture potential clients and results in better conversion. It is a paid marketing strategy where you have to pay per click! Itisa low-budgeted way of advertising and traffic generation that ultimately helps you to rope in high ROI (Return on Investment). All you need to do is use this AdWords diligently and cleverly!

What Does an Online Marketing Agency Do?

A Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata always focusses on certain key methods to reduce your ‘Cost per Click’ thereby reducing your overall campaign expenditure. The less cost and the more traffic and sales you generate, the higher would be the quality score of your ad campaign. This blog will guide you through certain tips that can be effectively implemented to get the most out of your ad campaigns.

How to Intelligently Use Google AdWords for Higher Conversion

In the Google AdWord account, you get to see the dashboard with eight tabs, a search space, and a host of different options to get started with your new campaign. Some tricks and tips can help you use these low-cost AdWords to build significant traffic on your landing page!

  1. Bid on the Relevant Keyword

Now there is no rocket science in this statement! We all ultimately want buyers on our website and the more prominent your keyword would be, the more clicks would be generated. The Best PPC Service Provider in Kolkata always uses the AdWords Keyword Planner to come out with the best selection for its clients. A successful keyword selection either makes your Google advertisement or breaks it! A broader or wider selection of AdWords generates non-convertible traffic and you end up paying more for each click.

  1. Advertisement Scheduling

Ascertain a time when you would want your ads to be displayed. Figure out the best beneficial schedule and sort out your ad display timings.

  1. Add Negative Keyword

To keep off irrelevant clicks that lead you to lose money per click, always add some negative keywords to your campaign. This will significantly narrow down the money wastage, thereby improving your ROI.

  1. Optimize your Ad Text

To reduce the CPC, you need to optimize your ad text. If your ad texts get more click-through than the competitors then your quality score goes up!

  1. Optimize your Landing Page

What is the use of the generated traffic if the people leave your landing page without buying! This would be a big turn off and the CPC will, in turn, make your ad campaign more expensive. A highly attractive landing page instigates sales and better conversion rates thereby increasing your quality score.

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