6 Steps to a Compact Social Media Strategy 2021


I know you may still not have overcome those disrupted social media plans of 2020. But take a deep breath, it’s over. New Year brings new hopes and opportunities for your business. Focus on your brand vision and reset your goals. Evaluate your 2020 results, set modified strategies for 2021, and determine the resources needed. And if you are stuck anywhere in between, professionals can help you. Kre8iveminds, a Digital marketing company in Kolkata is at your rescue. It is also well-known as the best social media marketing company in Kolkata for its commendable services. 

Let’s first dig into the topic.

The Complete Social Media Strategy Framework

Social Media Strategy Example: What should be Included?

1. Social Media Strategy Context (Why and What)

  • Summary and agenda
  • Strategic goals
  • Business/comms challenges
  • Brand strategy overview

2. Social Media Audience Evaluation (Who)

  • Ideal client profile or audience overview
  • Audience analysis snapshot – current

3. Tactical Planning & Execution (How)

  • Strategy summary
  • Channel – roles & practices
  • Content framework – Topic pillars or themes
  • Creative direction – concepts & examples
  • Content publishing plan
  • Community management practices
  • Voice & tone guidelines
  • Paid media – campaign breakdown
  • Influencer program
  • Editorial or campaign calendar
  • Measurement and KPIs
  • Division of responsibility
  • Crawl, walk, and run plan
  • Implementation steps

The 6 giant steps strategy -

Step 1. Set Energizing Goals

1. Goals should be SMART. 

2. Goals should be audience-centred. 

3. Goals should be tied to organizational impact. 

4. Goals should start big, then break down into KPIs. 

Step 2. Identify Target Audiences

1. Your most valuable customers.

2. Your aspirational audience.

3. Your influencer audience.

Step 3. Establish Channel Strategy

1. Primary channels for organic content and paid campaigns.

2. Secondary channels for future growth.

3. Channel-specific features to enhance performance 

4. A clear plan to grow audience on the channel.

Step 4. Design Your personalised Content Strategy

Organizing content on social media this has mainly two benefits:

1. You can plan and produce content beforehand in bulk. 

2. You can measure the success of each content topic. 

Examples of Social Media Content Strategy Topics-

1. Content that makes your audience care.

2. Content that makes your audience share.

3. Content that makes your audience aware.

4. Content that makes your audience convert. 

Step 5. Amplify Your Content Distribution

There are two main ways to amplify your content:

1. Use paid social media to amplify reach to your potential audiences.

2. Build strong relationships with community and customer influencers.

Step 6. Plan Your Execution

1. Choose the people responsible for the below five main social media roles.

The five main social media roles include:

  1. Strategic Planner
  2. Community Manager
  3. Content Creator
  4. Ad Buyer
  5. Analyst

2. Define your tasks on a quarter, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

3. Establish a time period and evaluate progress with your team.

A few tips are-

  • Ask your customers and colleagues for feedback.
  • Keep a swipe file of content that works, and why.
  • Hold a monthly retrospective.
  • Hire an experienced social media strategy partner to conduct strategy R&D.

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About the author – 

Punam Singh

I am the writer of the above blog. Being a content writer for more than 5 years now, I love to write on trendy topics and share my point of view. I truly take pride in writing such an informative blog and I hope this blog helps you in choosing the right for your business. Good Luck.

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