What Type of Website is Right for Your Business 

What Type of Website is Right for Your Business 

The importance of a website is visibly being seen in this technologically emerging world. If you're a small business owner and want to get started online right away, it's good to know what type of website is right for your business.

Just like the way a glassed door is placed for stores, to encourage walk-in traffic and attract people's thoughts. Similarly, in online mode, a website acts as a virtual front that aids walk-in traffic. Nowadays, few websites are promoting their brands and services in virtual mode. 

The prime key to building up an effective website is to concentrate on the requisites of the business and sway accordingly. This might help you in getting your customers to sign in to your website and promote yourself online. Each kind of business requires each type of website, as there are multiple kinds of websites surfing all through the internet. Let's talk about various websites in this blog. 

Service Website

The entire point of getting a service website done is to maximize conversions. If you aren't familiar with, what conversion means, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). It is a term which helps you to describe how well our website turns visitors into paying customers. Mostly, service websites are designed with a specific goal in mind and the key role is to get the visitors to sign up for the services means that every element of the website, every pointer, every page and every tab should lead the user to sign up for the website. The query session should always pop up a little and be in the field of eyes of the user so that the visitors can enquire if there is a query and this will not lead them to go to another website. Overall, every action that the visitors do on your website should immediately prompt them to grab the opportunity to start using the service. 

E-commerce Website

e-commerce website is similar to that a service website. The key role of this website is to process and compel visitors to buy. E-commerce websites are well-suited for businesses that sell multiple products. For this website, instead of the call-to-signup option for all-encompassing service. If your website is made to sell hundreds and thousands of products, then you should perform function over form, to get an efficient and suitable website for your site. No matter what the products that you sell or what type it is. It should be visually effective and attractive to the buyers. A business that sells multiple products should mostly concentrate on the functionality of the website rather than aesthetics. 

Brochure Website

Creating a website whose whole criteria is to promote the sales of their business, is not wrong in any way. If you think that conversions are not a piece of cake for your website then, a brochure website is exactly what you need. But, remember that whatever the type of business or company it is, if there is no efficient and proper web presence then it might be far away from the rapidly growing world. When the creation of your website is done, identify the main goal that you want to use the website for, is your goal to inform the public about what you do? Do you want to mention the exact function of the website and prioritize the vision and mission, statement of the company? Then you're at the right preference of website; brochure website. Although that is the case, you have to mention a few details about the company and give easy access. 

Blog Website

The main purpose of an education website is to serve knowledge and to inform the visitor about current events that are going on. Since most people prefer to access newspapers and magazines online, most blogs and new websites are rapidly replacing print media. 

Each blog and website offer limited articles at a time, as browsing navigation is the prime concern. Most of the sites have developed their websites in such a way that the category of the website can be selected, based on the interest of the user. As blogs do not have special websites, these blog websites are being launched on board. 

Education Website

Publishing articles related to education is the major point in building an educational website. The creator of the website should have a clear idea about the goals he wants to achieve. It's not just the goals that matter but it intent of the audience who are visiting the website. Students are the ones to be intended. The success of this educational website is when the learning materials, when accessed by the students are clear to understand and furnish accurate information without unnecessary pop-ups. This involves taking students' thoughts in mind while creating a website. 

Community Building Website 

1. WordPress: It is an open content management system which works as an open-source, that allows you to host and build websites that are already created. WordPress contains multiple architectures, fonts and templates that allow you to customize the website. 

2. Prestashop: Prestashop is an online open-source webshop and shopping cart software which is published under an open-source license to modify and develop better-quality websites. 

3. Wix: Wix is an amazing online platform that aids you to create, built, customise and develop a website exactly the way you need. It helps you to customise your website will fully establish advanced functionalities and bring life to your website. 

4. Shopify: Shopify is a multi-national e-commerce corporation and the most powerful online platform where you can set up and customise a store on the web, mobile, and in-person. 


• Exceptional performance. 

• Excellent security. 

• Better knowledge management 

• Advanced search techniques. 

• Multi-level menu system. 

• Multi-site support. 

• Better access and logging. 

• Customer accounts. 

• Payments and shipping. 

• SEO usage. 

• Promotional tools. 


• Dependance on plugins and widgets 

• Hidden cost of plugins and widgets 

• Site load speed 

• Maintenance 

• Not highly scalable 

• Limitation in functional requirement. 

• Back-end functionalities are limited 

Conclusion: Kre8iveminds innovatively manipulates all these corporations to assemble websites in a refined and resourceful way. 

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