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Website Design & Development is one of the significant processes. Are you new to website development? Then you must know that your website is the core anchor for your digital marketing approaches. In today’s world knowing to code a website is not enough, one must learn to make it more visually appealing to attract more traffic towards their website. To develop a website with great user experience requires understanding the problems that visitors face when they are on the Internet. In the current marketing landscape, a website is a powerful tool for the company, it acts as a 24/7 salesman for the company. Hence, it is very important to make your websites appealing to the customers.

To help you overcome the challenge, here are 5 tips for developing an intuitive website:

  • Use white spaces- according to research white spaces around texts and title increases the reader’s attention by 20%. It can make your website feel open and it gives a modern edge to the website. But be careful for not overusing it, as you need to keep some space for other company resource links, advertisements, contact, etc.
  • Optimize your page speed- one of the most frustrating experiences for users is to wait for a page to load for too long. With the rapid development in technology, people expect their pages to load instantaneously. It’s proved that extra 5 seconds can increase the website’s “bounce rate” by more than 20%. To start improving your speed, start compressing all your media before uploading it on the website.
  • Use hyperlink differentiating- when you add links to a website, you expect the readers to click that link. Hence, it is important to differentiate your link from the other visual cues in the website. Blue is considered to be very appealing to users and hence most good websites highlight their links using blue.
  • Use bullets for key information- it is known, that bullets allow the readers to read the content more easily. Using bullets would attract and get the readers to read the crucial information. But you can always use your imagination and use different icons as your bullets. Some famous websites use vector icons as bullets for their websites which makes their websites stand apart from others.
  • Use your images wisely- people now have become smarter and faster at judging a website before deciding if they want to continue surfing anymore or not. Be careful while uploading the images, try not to use stock photos, also remember to try and not to over-do or under-do with the number of photos on your website. All these factors influence website traffic and are crucial to improving the user’s experience.
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These are a few of many crucial factors which helps to make the websites you develop more intuitive and helps enhance the user experience, which ultimately leads to increased web traffic for websites and increased daily visitors. Keep these crucial tips in your mind, while you develop a website and try to integrate them into your work. These will surely help you build a cleaner and more attractive websites.

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