Top 7 Video Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2020


We live in a world of viewers and not readers! And with digitalization fast picking up the trend, visual content has gained more important than ever before. More than 80% of the population spend a major chunk of their day staying online and watching creative videos. This makes videos an impactful form of marketing on the digital platform. A Digital Marketing Company uses every possible stint to lure audiences, videos being one of them! With times to come, this Video Marketing will swipe clean all the other forms of online marketing and will stand out as the main influencer!


Top 7 Video Marketing Trends To Be Seen In 2020

  1. Quality over Quantity

Quality speaks for itself. And when it comes to engaging an audience, more focus should be given on content quality rather than mass-producing meaningless videos. As the organic search is going down, we need to make use of every bit of opportunity to strike the right chord. A worthy substance and an impressive overall presentation are what a Digital Marketing Company In Kolkata uses to create a video for its clients!

  1. Short Form Video

A short and impactful video leaves behind a never-fading echo that remains on the minds of viewers for long. Long videos get boring and the viewer develops an intention to leave the page even before the actual subject starts. With decreasing attention span, keeping the viewer’s engagement is a tough task. So a short and informative video is the need of the hour.

  1. Data Approach

It’s proven that the data approach always helps in creating higher leads compared to the widespread non-strategic approach. You know the user base of your brands and hit the right direction with a proper data approach.

  1. Personalization

Personalized content is well-absorbed and accepted as the audience can relate to the topic and trust can easily be built. 2020 will see a spurt in personalized videos rather than cocooned subjects! Almost 72% audience says that they will engage in personalized marketing messages only!

  1. Pay to Play

With an over-abundance of contents on this digital platform, organic search is fading out and there is a desperate need for paid promotional campaigns. A Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata strictly believes that a paid advertisement can help promote a brand faster and is more result-oriented.

  1. Video for Each Stage of Marketing Funnel

Videos are informative and engaging techniques that keep the audience glued to your subject. If you create a video for each stage of the marketing funnel, your overall agenda of the brand promotion will be achieved faster than ever. The audience will get a taste of your brand and products with highly informative content.

  1. Episodic Video Content

Now, this is never going to go out of trend! Episodic video content creates curiosity and anxiety in the mind of the viewer and your next upcoming video already has a waiting audience. This trend is the main bait for many Digital Marketing Company where they use episodic videos to release relevant content on the web!


Video marketing has become the main form of digital marketing in the modern era. Among all the online promotional techniques, this video content creation is highly practiced and preferred by a Digital Marketing Company. Brand advertisement and lead creation is the main target behind any marketing campaign and video marketing makes sure that your efforts are fruitful. Kre8iveminds Technologies can help you create valuable and engaging videos by synchronizing every aspect of your brand and marketing practice. Information and updates are easily absorbed if presented in a story format and this is what video marketing does for your company. With certain precision and diligent approach, this can be the future of every marketing campaign. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, has a plethora of userbase and millions are getting added every minute. Hence, the potential of Video Marketing needs no explanation and can be the right choice for brand propagation and value creation!

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