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  1. Masti in music room and mucis teacher said that don’t do anything wrong with instruments.

  2. Yes the post was very interesting because it teaches that school is so important and and many memorable things we have done in school.

  3. Yes I remembered one ma’am won’t mention her name but she use to tell us this is the worst batch and I have never seen a batch like this…..😁😁

  4. One more is this a fish market that you all are talking so loud… actually there are lots of lines😁😁

  5. When i think of school those days are my golden memories teacher who apreciate me alot my naughty frnds and nickname which we gave to our lovely teachers ..miss you Nitu mam…

  6. Cant mention mam’s name but she used to say) u all are wicked soul…how dare u to look into my eyes.. “funniest yet scariest Line🤣🤣

  7. Singing and 💃 on bhojpuri songs in an empty period but suddenly teacher came and said ” Jiya Ho Bihar ke Lala”. After that I can’t express the situations…

  8. School life was something which no one can forget I m sure… since I was from RKM, a mission school which used to be very big interms of campus size so there is no way teachers can find u until and unless you come to academic area .. so we used to bunk our practical classes nd go nd used to play on fields… and there was this incident happened we came back after playing and saw our bags in the principal office… and jo mar pari… o bhaisaab….we had to wear full shirts to cover the Marks from parents nd from tuition friends (girls)

  9. Can’t forget a couple of TEACHERS. When one of them used to say us….. UNCULTURED AND UNCIVILISED PEOPLE…And another one is one of our maths teacher … Use to say us… बावडीबुच्छ, I a quite sure..nobody understood this… It means… MAD OR CRAZY PEOPLE.

  10. When we stand in line for prayer, some students see the road side, then our principal sir say, is your aunt there?

  11. Our Bengali teacher use to day you two both of you come here

  12. Me : sir puri school khali hai bus hum 3 students hai aur last class ke teacher bhi nahi hai school me, hum kya ghar jayen
    Teacher : sabash bus aise hi morche par date raho , ghar toh jana hi hai

  13. Me : sir aj dil nahi lag raha hai school me
    Teacher : koi bat nahi school me dil lagane bhi nahi bheja gaya hai tumhe

  14. Ha Ha … I just remember Kundu Sir and his eyes .. very difficult to understand that he is looking at the first bench or last bench … haha

  15. I remember when I was in school there was a mam i won’t mention her name but she always used to say that ” If anyone didn’t want to attend the class just leave” And I decided to leave the class and
    I did it… Next day our principal called my parents!!

  16. And our one teacher always said that this is the worst batch I’ve ever seen in my life… There some days later when I found that the same dialogue have been told by her our senior batches and as same as our previous batch!


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