How SEM Differs from Traditional Marketing?


Search-Engine-Marketing-SEMThese days, internet has become a very important medium when it comes to business promotion and marketing. The fact that internet creates a global village and connects millions of people from all over the world has given the business fraternity an opportunity to make their presence feel. These days, internet marketing along with the traditional form of marketing is being carried on side by side. When it comes to the internet marketing, search engines play a very important role. They are the ones which direct people to the websites and the links they are looking for. Here comes SEM into the picture. SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing”.

The concept of Search Engine Marketing is a type of internet marketing which is all about promoting the websites by making sure that their visibility is increased in the “Search Engine Result Pages” or the SERPs. It is mainly done through the process of paid advertisement.

SEM vs. Traditional Marketing

The concept of traditional marketing still exists and is being used at a huge scale in order to attain the objectives of business promotion. However, with the advent of SEM, which is much more dynamic in nature and has a broader span; the companies have started to shift their focus on it. Here are a couple of significant differences between traditional marketing and SEM

•Span: The span of SEM is might broader than traditional form of marketing. With the help of internet millions of people from all over the world can be reached out to. There are numerous platforms over the internet which can be used to carry out marketing. When it comes to SEM, it all about making a particular website search engine friendly and making sure that the name of a particular product or website appears at the top of the results generated by the search engines.

Cost Effective: In terms of cost effectiveness, SEM is far more reliable than traditional form of marketing. When it comes to large scale marketing through the electronic media, it requires a huge amount of investment, whereas not all of the targeted audience can be reached all the time. On the other hand, talking about SEM is much less costly and if used effectively can reach out to millions of people from all over the world.

ROI: The ROI or the Return on Investment yielded by SEM is much higher compared to that of the traditional form of marketing. Besides, with the help of SEM, the marketing target can be reached in a much quicker time.

Conversion Rate: The scope of elaborating about a particular product is much better over the internet compared to the traditional form of marketing. This is one reason when it comes to SEM, the conversion rate is much more higher.

Apart from these, there are various other aspects which differentiate traditional marketing from SEM. The concept of SEM is rapidly gaining popularity and is being used by the business houses to good effect for the purpose of marketing and promotion.

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