8 Ways to Promote Your Small Local Business without Burning Cash


If you are a small businessman, do not unnecessarily burn your cash or empty your pocket. There are several easy ways to promote your local business efficiently. In this case, Kre8iveminds, a digital marketing agency in Kolkata is the topic of the talk. Visit their website today and hire them if you are looking for a Local SEO company in Kolkata. Without wasting a single second, let’s dig into the topic first.

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Below are 8 ways to promote a business without wasting any cash.

  1.  Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

What is the first thing you do when you plan to buy something? You search the product on Google, right? You first collect all the information and then look for the nearest shops to buy from. So if you are a businessman and your website is not appearing on Google, it indicates that your online existence is really poor.

  1. Use the Power Of Social Media

Social media holds immense power when it comes to promoting your business online. Top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can make you’re your business go viral just like that. It is potent enough to engage your target audience with your business and tends to provide more leads and conversions.

  1. List Your Products In Business Directories

Buyers search for shops in popular business directories. If you are a B2B products seller, add a free listing on Trade India, Indian yellow pages, and many more. These are some top business-to-business directories. 

List free on Just Dial, Ask me, and Get it, if you sell directly to customers. These services attract huge traffic. 

  1.  List On Google My Business 

Google My Business is a free and easy tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence including Search and Maps. 

Some of its features are –

  • Ensures if Your Information Is Up-to-Date
  • Asks for Reviews 
  • You can Speak Directly to Your Customers through GMB Messages
  • Add Posts to Share Updates
  1. Answer Questions

Do not neglect your customer’s or visitor’s queries. Answer them politely. Only collecting reviews and not answering doubts won’t help you. Learn to accept negative comments too. Because it is better to have something than nothing and it also reflects that you are getting noticed. 

  1.  Don’t forget suppliers

Don’t ignore your suppliers. They can undoubtedly do a few things for you at no charge because you take care of them.

  1.  Work faster

Try to work faster than before. If you can cover 4-5 months of work in just 3-4 months, you can definitely do more than just one job a year. 

If you can find a way to automate time-consuming tasks, do it, so you can focus more on doing things that bring in cash to your business.

  1.  Reward your team when they outstand work 

Reward your team for meeting the deadline and budgets and doing efficient work. A minimal bonus is a lot better and cheaper than the increase in costs. 

Encourage your employees to take up calculated risks. Some will pan out, while some of them won’t. If you only focus on the things you’re sure about, you may win, but eventually, you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities for revenue generation.

Punam Singh

I’m the writer of the above article. I am no marketing guru but writing content on trending topics has been a part of my life since my school days. I look at the topic from a beginner’s point of view and love to explain it in my own words.  I hope the blog will be helpful to you. Best wishes.

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