Market is Down due to Corona Infection, Go Online to Stay in Market


As the entire world is down with the pandemic influenza virus called Coronavirus, there is a major shut down going on everywhere. Starting from schools, colleges, movie halls, offices mad every other place where there is usually a huge mass gathering, is being closed to spread the rapid spread of this virus. In such a situation the market is incurring a huge financial loss as employees are prevented from going to work. The only place safe for a person to work is home and of course, the IT and digital sector employees can only do work from home.

If you are facing a loss in your business or are unable to communicate with people for work then here is your golden opportunity to progress in business and make up for the loss with the help of digital marketing. Since getting in direct and personal contact with a buyer or a customer can be a problem, you can surely get in touch with them through digital media and sell or promote your product.  Some of the advantages of this would be:

  1. Protect your health from getting into daily contact with so many people but still get the work done through the help of the internet.
  2. Promote, sell and make a deal with the buyer or seller through digital promotion.
  3. Work as a digital marketing executive without going out of your home and make the most of your time.
  4. Financial deals can be made through digital modes of payment and payments or salaries will not be
  5. Prospective buyers can view and buy their essential items and also get in touch with the seller through the use of mobile apps or e-marketing without leaving the secure grounds of one’s home.
  6. Students can even take up courses online without taking their health and going to attend the classes in colleges or any other institutes.

Do not's:

  1. Do not leave the close confines of your home unless it is extremely necessary.
  2. Do not neglect if you have got a cold or fever and must consult the doctor immediately.
  3. Do not visit places where there is a huge gathering in order to avoid getting into contact with various people who might be carrying Coronavirus.
  4. Do not eat without washing your hands properly.
  5. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth unnecessarily.


  1. Do wash your hands properly every time that you can.
  2. Do use a hand sanitizer to keep germs away.
  3. To see a doctor as soon as you feel nauseous.

Do stay away from eating food from the outside

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