Human Beings Learnt the Practice of Co-Existence since the Evolution


Association is very important if we want to exist in this competitive world. However, what is more important than forming association is in the co-existence which determines our path of livelihood. We have been living since birth to stand out the atrocities that exist for a better living. It was our parents on whom we depended while we were kids and later on the dependency got flipped as per the rule of nature. This is perhaps the simplest form of examples we witness of co-existence.


The practice is not very modern, as history suggests that the tradition has been in practice since the evolution of the world. It was initially very primitive but gradually changed its course with the advent of development. Evolutionists demand that human beings developed the skill of interdependence from the other existing living creatures of the earth. It has since then been infused it their DNA, which later got improvised with more and more practice.

The world today we are living in is a complete different phase of reality that existed some 200 years ago. In fact, 2014 is certainly widely different from the 1990s from every corner of human requirements. From business to science, from entertainment to promotions, we have witnessed a great transition in this phase of modernization. Business potentials shifted its polarity and hence emerged the trendy way out of dominance. The era reflects the urge of expansion and the creative potentials that initiate the path.

It was in 2000s when the world (specifically India) witnessed Industrial Boom. It was the time when industries ranging from IT to Media emerged in dominance and helped the country in strengthening its economy. With the development came the emergence of websites that in a huge way acted in:

  • Boosting online business prospects of firms
  • Reach to the target customers in shortest time
  • Spread the news of its existence in market
  • Participate in community development and initiate people about their endeavours
  • Work with efficiency and target specific groups as per requirement
  • Categorize products or services and initiate a customary interface for easy transaction
  • Build in the trust and credibility amongst its widespread customers.

As recorded in history, it was in 1990s when the world first understood the requirement of a creative website; though countries like USA, UK, Germany, Japan, and South Korea initiated the mean with efficiency. The urge spread with pace to every corner of the world. Soon, the world witnessed mushroom growth of creative web design companies delivering creative website designs and served the purpose with efficiency.

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