Above the Fold Web Design – A Golden Technique to Boost Traffic


It is a common instinct of man that he got attracted to any subject or matter which he finds catchy or informative. Always a good looking and smart presentation attract human minds.  The concept of above the fold headlines originate from the newspapers where a bunch of words or a sentence is given above the fold portion carries a lot of meaning with itself. The first impression is everything above the fold web design. In website designing above the fold means the portion of the webpage that one can be seen on browsing any window. Users can engage more with the content above the fold. But now, it is being vividly used by web designers. It is a proven fact that a website having a smart and informative profile has the maximum number of visitors. So, above the fold, web design has become a golden technique to boost traffic on your website.


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Kre8iveminds Technologies Pvt Ltd is a web design company in Kolkata working for the last decade providing its quality services to several customers within India as well as abroad. Proceeding with its basic principles of giving quality services and Kre8iveminds technologies Pvt ltd is a Responsive website designing company in Kolkata putting its mark in the field of the digital world. In today's competitive world, above the fold is very important because of its high visibility for achieving the business goal and you have to place a unique content above the fold portion of the web page to grab the visitor's attention whereas they spend a lot of time your site and don't visit another site on that moment. There are many advantages of above-the-fold web design.

Key advantages of above the fold web design are mentioned below:

  • A long scrolling site provides plenty of opportunities for storytelling. When users visit your site, scrolling down your web pages and then they will see about the story of your brand, your product, etc.
  • Storytelling is an important tool for encouraging engagement. On the other hand, good and unique content will engage your visitors and it helps them to stay longer on your site.
  • In today's digital world, we don't like to wait for anything. Even, long scrolling site is a brilliant antidote for the opting site. It is much quicker than clicking on links to load.
  • The number of users has been increasing and we are accessing the internet via mobile devices which affect things in two ways. First, web design expert has to search out creative ways to incorporate information 'above the fold 'on mobile sites. Second, long-screen is an intuitive movement on touchscreen devices.

You should be posting attractive content to catch your audience's attention and your social media pages play a key role in your overall web presence. A search bar is one of the greatest ideas and it can help your audiences to navigate your website.

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