10 Best Free Google Tools for Business 2023


Best Free Google Tools for Business Everyone Should Know. All familiar with the upgrading technology of Google day by day might be familiar with the exceptional search capabilities Google possesses. You would’ve known that you can use your Gmail for email, but are you familiar with loads of Google tools that aid you to improve your sustainability and productivity in life? Whether you’re looking for tools to collaborate with your friends, family or colleagues, even if you wish to add tweaks to your business, if you would like to plan a business or a trip, get added to your studies, or would like to segregate you live across the world, Google has apps that are feasible to satisfy all your requirements. Let’s move forward and learn about the best tool that helps with your work. 

Best Free Google Tools for Business


This the Best Free Google Tools for Business. Google My Business is a tool set up by Google that helped you to authorize and optimise your Business Profile on Google. Firstly, let's be clear about what a Business Profile is, it is a specific term used by Google for your Google business listing, this allows our business to appear on Google maps and also in Google search results. It is the same thing as adding places in Google maps. Google requires a business name, location and category, later on when Google confirms that the business is not a fraud, it allocates the business and its location on the web for the customers to leave reviews, ask queries and upload pictures. 


Google sites is a structured webpage and wiki creation tool that is offered as a part of Google docs editors, which is a free application. This includes services like the Google sheets, Google forms, Google docs, Google slides, Google drawings and Google keep. Google sites are offered only as a web application, that allows you to create and edit files online while working with the corresponding user in real-time. There is also the flexibility of availing of the paid version, which offers a few more advantages than the paid one. It is also registered in the business and education G-suite. In case your main aim is to find a simple web design tool that allows easy drop options for developing projects or for encouraging students to boost a little knowledge about all these, then Google slides is a better option. 


Google form is a survey-based administration software, which is also included in the Google docs editors, as mentioned above. But this web application by Google aids you to create and edit surveys online while working with the corresponding user in real-time. 

Information that is collected can be automatically loaded into the spreadsheet with no extra effort. This has undergone multiple changes over years, in Oct 2014, Google initiated an option that allows the third-party candidate to edit and add extra, new or beneficial features to the survey. Intelligence response validation is added to identify the mistakes and ask the user to rectify them. 


Google Analytics is a platform that gathers data from your apps and websites to customize reports that furnish better insights into your business. To understand and measure the ROI and customers' journey, it also helps you to track your video, flash and social networking, it is free of cost. 

For people pursuing a career in digital marketing, this skill seems to be extremely useful. 


Google ads is the Best Free Google Tools for business promotion. also known as Google AdWords is a platform developed by Google to fulfil the act of online advertising. Where Businessmen bid to display advertisements, listings, service offerings or videos to the users to promote their sales. As well, one interesting thing is that it can place ads not the in search engine websites as well as non-search engine websites and mobile apps. PPC- pay per click is a service that serves the displaying of Google Ads, which means that if a user clicks on a particular website it automatically displays an Ad and the website user has to pay some amount for the Ad displayed. 


Google Keep is a part of Google docs editors which is a free web application by Google for note-taking services. If you would like to take notes this app offers a variety of tools, including texts, fonts, colours, images and audio. Optical character recognition is a term that extracts text from images as well as voice recordings that can be transformed. Both single-columned views, as well as multi-columned views, are allowed by the interface. Characterisation of notes can be done including colour codes and labels. Further updates have added much more features to pin notes and to collaborate with the users on notes in real time. 


Google docs is a free web-based application by Google as a part of Google docs editor, which is an online word processor. Google docs are accessible via an internet browser, it is available in android as well as IOS as a desktop application on Chrome OS. Google docs allow you to create, edit and access documents online. 


It is a free web-based application by google that is included in the Docs editors as a spreadsheet program. This is compatible with Microsoft excel file format. It indulges in creating and editing files online along with collaborating with users in real time. Revision history that shows changes is associated with the edits tracked by the user.

Editors space is highlighted with a colour and cursor and the permission system specifies what the user can catch hold off. Machine learning has been introduced as a part of a new feature which includes exploring, that assists solutions for natural language-based queries in a spreadsheet. 


Google Hangouts is an instant messaging platform developed by google as a part of Google+ messenger and Google talk into Hangouts Google then added a feature; google voice which invokes internet telephony products into Hangouts, as a part of future Hangouts. 

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