5 big mistakes that logo designers can commit

Logo designing and its importance is undeniable. It is also a graphical representation of the company’s identity. This small symbol is so powerful, that it can make or break the reputation of your company. It technically represents your company and brand. Thus brand value is also high. No matter how good your services are, you will probably lose a lot of traffic and customers to your website. A crappy and lackluster logo is never advised as it is the most important aspect of your website. A poorly designed logo will not do well amongst your audience.

Best of the designers find it challenging when it comes to designing and compelling logo. In order to save you from the major roadblocks and hurdles in the design process, here are 6 biggest mistakes that a logo designer needs to sort out to make it look perfect.

1. Relying too much on trends – Design industry is dominated by various design trends from time to time. Logo designers make the mistakes of designing the logo that are based on latest design trends. It is an identity symbol and needs to be timeless if designed as per trends that may look dated and cliché soon.

2. Inappropriate use of Typefaces – They can make logo design look more memorable and unprofessional as you do not want to take chances with your company logo. Making a wise decision is important. Choose carefully when picking a typeface or using too many typeface in a single logotype that needs to be avoided for good results. Though there are many logo designers that include too many typefaces to make logo attractive, will end up designing looking amateur looking logos. Add one or two typefaces rather than multiple typefaces.

3. Poor selection of colors – This is one of the most common mistakes that designers make. They tend to choose colors for logo design that does not sync in with your brand name, thus decreasing your brand value. You must understand the psychology behind colors is important to design some kind of impressive logo. Choose a color that resonates with personality and the core message of the brand. A thought process and reasoning should be left behind thus selecting a color scheme that may not do any justice to their company’s image. Color addition should be your last addition. Check the logo in black and white or grey scale. A good logo will look great in both white and black as well as in color forms. Thus you should not add colors in your logos for the most desired results.

4. Usage of raster images – This is yet another mistake that logo designers make through the use of raster images. It cannot be scaled to any image size. They are made of pixels and scaling to various sizes will blur your image dramatically that affects the logo quality. Design your logos in vector graphics with Illustrator and Adobe so that it can be scaled to any size. Well designed logos are versatile and look awesome when the size is reduced or enlarged as the banner size without compromising on the quality. So make your logo design that is versatile and that looks good in every size.

5. Creating a complex design – Your logo design seems to be simple and effective. It should not be complex and should easily be understandable for meaning behind the logos. A logo design with way too many colors is also a bad pairing of typeface as too many icons can make up your logo and look complicated that may misrepresent your brand. You need to strive to achieve simplicity in your logo design so that it becomes memorable in the minds of audience.

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