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The following terms and conditions (hereinafter the "Agreement"), all of which are expressly incorporated by reference herein, govern use of this website and the services offered by Kri8iveminds (hereafter the "Company") thereon. All pages on this website (hence collectively referred to as "Website") and any services offered by or on this Website ("Services") are subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


The following definitions shall apply to the parties hereto: Organization, We: The Company makes the Website and some of its Services available to Users as its creator, operator, and publisher. First-person pronouns such as Aracelli Bonaudi, Company, Us, We, Our, and Ours are used to refer to the Company as well as all of its affiliates and workers.

You, the client, the user, and the patient: Throughout this Agreement, you will be referred to as the Website User by the second-person pronouns you, your, yours, or as Client, User, or Patient.
Parties: The Company and You, the parties to this Agreement, will be referred to as the "Parties" collectively.


You represent and warrant that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by this Agreement by your use of this Website. Please quit the Website right now if You do not wish to be bound by this Agreement. The Company will only permit You to use this Website and its Services if You agree to and accept this Agreement.


if you use this website or its services, the company might give you specific information. documentation, data, or other information created by the company, as well as other materials that may be helpful in your use of the website or its services (collectively, "company materials"), may be included in such information. you are granted a non-exclusive, constrained, non-transferable, and revocable licence by the company to use the company materials only in connection with your use of the website and its services, subject to this agreement. this licence to use the company materials expires when you stop using the website or its services or when this agreement expires, and the company materials may not be utilised for any other purpose.


You acknowledge that the Company owns all copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, and other intellectual property (collectively, "Company IP") relating to the Website and all Services offered on it. You acknowledge that all ownership rights, titles, and interests in and to Company Intellectual Property (CIP) belong to the Company, and that You Will Not Use Company CIP for Any Illegal or Infringing Purpose. Without the express written agreement of the Company, you agree not to copy or distribute the Company IP in any way, including electronically or through the registration of any new trademarks, trade names, service marks, or uniform resource locators (URLs).

You hereby grant the Company a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide licence to copy, present, use, broadcast, transmit, and create derivative works of any content You publish, upload, or otherwise make available to the Website ("Your Content") in order to make the Website and its Services available to You. The Company makes no future claims of ownership over Your Content.
Please get in touch with us right away and let us know if you believe that any of Your intellectual property rights have been violated in any other way by the material or media that one of our users has posted.


You might be required to register with Us in order to use the Website or its Services. You will then select a password and a user identification, which can be either your email address or another form. You can also enter personal information, such as your name, but not only that. You are in charge of making sure that this data is accurate. You can use the website and its services if you provide this identifying information. You must not divulge such personal information.You undertake not to share Your identifying information with any third party and to write Us right away if you learn that it has been compromised. The notification by email will do. You are accountable for upholding the confidentiality and security of Your identifiable information and for keeping Us informed of any modifications to it. This Agreement may be terminated immediately if any party intentionally provides false or inaccurate information, or uses the Website or its Services to facilitate fraud or illega


You consent to refrain from doing any of the following:

Disassemble, reverse-engineer, or attempt to reverse-engineer any software or code found on the website or in connection with its services; violate the security of the website or its services by breaking encryption or other security measures, data mining, or interfering with the operation of any host, user, or network.


The security of Your account or content is not accepted by the Company as its responsibility. You acknowledge that the risk associated with using the website or its services is solely your responsibility.


You are not allowed to engage in any illegal spam activities on the Website or through any of the Company's services, including collecting email addresses and other people's personal information or sending bulk commercial emails.


The Company may on occasion post links to other websites or services operated by third parties. You acknowledge and agree that the Company is not liable or responsible for any loss or damage resulting from Your use of any third-party services to which Our Website may provide links.


When performing scheduled or unexpected maintenance or emergency services, the Company may need to obstruct Your access to the Website. You acknowledge that downtime that is unexpected or unscheduled may disrupt Your access to the Website for any reason, but that the Company is not responsible for any harm or loss resulting from such downtime.

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