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Kre8ive- The precision of the word ‘Kre8ive’ is not constricted to a few. The postulation for ‘Kre8ive’ lies within no boundary or narrow tenets but ought to provide much more than just that. No definition exists as such for CREATIVITY. The perfect way to spell Kre8ive is the exact way you spell CREATIVE holding the same meaning – the ability, power, or quality to convert imagination and artistic or intellectual inventiveness into reality. It is well-said that-Creativity is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. It is raw and immeasurable. Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment, rather turn every moment perfect with your Creativity; is what Kre8iveminds strives to transmit.

Kre8iveminds- a group of people who pledge to create uniqueness well-blended with brilliant minds and purity at heart, thus Kre8iveminds. Kre8iveminds, situated in Kolkata since 2005, is today’s one of the top excellent companies operating in the industry with an inordinate brand reputation. The perceptive minds strongly believe that creativity mixed with autonetics arises the satisfaction that clients seek.

Speaking about our LOGO- ‘Kre8iveminds’, which is exceedingly UNIQUE, both by form and content is designed artistically by some esteemed professionals. It provides vulnerability to the cachet of any firm operating in the market, showcasing tremendous hard work and gratifying service which they never fail to deliver to their beloved clients. Hence, the LOGO justifies their work pretty well.

Designing an appealing logo is crucial for enhancing the brand impression as well as catching the eyes of your potential visitors. It is more or less a graphical representation showcasing what your business is all about, giving a brief insight. If you notice the Kre8iveminds logo closely, you can see a well-detailed combination of letters and a digit- 8. The more it sounds authentic, the more tailor-detailed approach it has.

The letters are kept as sober and subtle as possible without mixing too many colours and to enhance the digit- 8, which is in a cubic form consisting of several colours that conveys the message of colourful thoughts, spreading positivity around and welcoming improvised young thoughts and zeal. It has adjoining corners signifying unity and strength of the team. It has been designed as sharply edged, steeper from the base, indicating the start from the ground level, and the other end growing upwards towards infinity, resembling the utmost motive- Never stop learning and upgrading yourself! Kre8iveminds strives to grow and never gives up regardless of the situation and circumstance being non-favourable. The background has been kept white so that the grounds of colours come across bright and their visibility in the world would not get unnoticed.

Kre8iveminds drive you to more practical ways of looking at creativeness and knowing them perfectly. There’s no point in holding back your inbuilt qualities, one should explore them and give the right dimension so that the creative uniqueness gets the perfect portrayal.

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