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Printing Solution
From design to print

We provide all sorts of Printing Solution we do design and also take responsiblity for printing

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Brochure Printing

Brochures and flyers could be used for a million things creative. If you can represent your firm through a tri-fold brochure, on a good quality card stock, this speaks a lot about the business you are into.
Being able to design a flyer that stands out and makes a difference for your business and to your potential client is everything that you need for your business. There are endless possibilities when it comes to brochure printing or flyer stock printing for our clients. We have an expert team of individuals who can create unique designs and allow the needs of clients to be met.
Transforming a flyer to a brochure is an art as you can get more creative with it while brochure printing. We at kre8iveminds make custom brochures and flyers. We will print the best colours and designs on your brochures.
We will print both digital or offset for our clients. If you are looking to get your flyer to match your corporate website logo, then we can do it for you. We can also incorporate your brochures with same colours as your website. Our creative team will directly work with clients to achieve closest possible colours for your brochure or flyer prints.

Corporate Identity

Business cards

If you are looking to print custom business cards, then we can assure you that our experts will be working on it to provide you with nothing, but the best. We provide exceptional quality and will make the right statement for your business. We will use our easy customized printing service and ordering process as we also ship these business cards to your doorstep at a similar price for a local pickup.
Business cards can help create a good and a positive first impression on customers and prospects. We at kre8iveminds provide unbeatable pricing on premium custom cards and business cards design through online innovation. We provide best business card design and the freshest of ideas for your business cards. Now make an impression with the freshest of business card designs and highest quality custom printing.
Business cards reflect corporate identity and thus are one of the most basic things available at outstanding prices. We can also provide you with design and print with a complete corporate identity package that will include business cards, envelopes, and mailing labels. We will print all forms of contact information including logo, tag line, relevant information and your product and service all in one custom business card.


We also do letterhead printing for our customers. It is time to send out monthly letters to your top 10 clients. We can print a simple blank sheet and would like clients to see a high-end branded piece that shows your business logo and your business name and address on the letterhead. You can get your letterhead printed on a standard paper stock for your business to really make a statement. Having a really great letterhead will not help market your company and will make a big impact with the audience for your business


We do custom envelope printing that is well designed and will help you leave a last impression. It will compliment the piece within the envelope. Having your greeting card or postcard within a well-designed custom printed envelope, will help you give your business a fresh and a modern perspective. This will help grab everyone’s attention. If you are looking for a window in your envelope, or a sleek design and a place to display your logo and address or even need a high quality cardstock and print for business envelopes, then it won’t be a problem.


No one does scrapbooking like Kre8iveminds. We have a fantastic variety, brilliant and trendy designs, and great quality scrapbooks that are truly outstanding. Whether you create a photo album or have a wedding planner requirement to celebrate a special occasion, you will always be spoilt for choice. If you stuck for ideas, join us in-store and learn how to create a wide variety of layouts.

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Visual aids designing and printing

We offer design printing, visual aid, advertising product materials solution to enhance your pharmaceutical brands. You need pharmacy visual aids manufacturing that will let you advertise your brands through a definite proper channel all over the country.
We are one of the best visual aids designing and printing services in Kolkata, India. What looks good, sells good and thus we do our best to make the best visual aids designing and printing. You can also promote your brand name through the means of creative and attractive pharmacy visual aids. A good and attractive visual aid can attract many viewers and imprint the company name on your mind. A visual aid should be attractive enough to concentrate on. A good and a smart visual aid can help you make your business successful.
If you are planning on getting your pharmacy based product catalogue, designed and printed for promotion, you have them come to the most viable place. Visual aid is the first impression of the company and is transported to customers. We design and print visual aids in a way that will speak for your brand. Our design team, designs and prints visual aid that is much characteristic of your brand and new products.

Leaflets Designing and Printing

We are one of the best when it comes to leaflets designing and printing service providers when it comes to making leaflets. We at Kre8iveminds Technologies offer services that are generally used in different areas including corporate and available in different colours, formats, styles and options. They are designed for government and private companies including educational institutions that are believed as an efficient business tool. These leaflets that we create are available for company shows, seminars, trainings and for general marketing in many different areas.
Best leaflet designing and printing in India are right here within your grasp at Kre8iveminds. Leaflets are one of the best things to grow your company nowadays. A leaflet marks the best works and doings of your company. Whatever the process may be of delivering these leaflets, they are effective including direct mail, distributing leaflets, handling leaflets out. These are some of the best ways to reach your audience. We have the much needed experience to design only the best templates: we deal with professionals directly without any middle men, prices are of standard rate, we design custom leaflets for our clients.

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Flyer Printing

We at Kre8iveminds offer flyer design printing services in Kolkata. Flyers are docs for all types of companies. We have expertise in flyer designs and printing services. Flyers are required for all types of companies including shops, restaurants, corporate, government sectors and sales promotion, etc. We offer you the best flyer designs in business. We maintain and meet your objectives and create flyers designs for all your needs. Contact us for any of your flyer design needs and printing services.
Flyers help you promote events, gather production information, invitations and post cards and so on. They are mostly single sheet doc, in the form of a leaflet, which is quite an efficient way. Flyers are available in A6, A4, A5, and DL, square. We do all kinds of custom flyer designing and printing services for you. Apart from general flyers, we will print custom flyers with special designs that are quite attractive..

Folder Printing

This is one of the toughest jobs in design and printing, but invention of machineries and equipped techniques have made it easier. We do all kinds of folder binding, cutting, printing, presentation and many others. Folder design and printing solutions are of top notch quality in Kre8iveminds. We are basically pros. We provide supply of folder all throughout India. We provide the best quality folder designs and serve it to our company. We use colourful inks and various types of paper quality to create the folder of your liking. All our folders are available at affordable prices. We supply custom made folders to offices and home to keep official documents, contracts, legal docs, reports, letters and worksheets. In order to create folders we use dye cuts, metallic ink, recycled paper, foil stamping, pantone ink and embossing.

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Why you choose us
For your Printing Solution

There are several causes why people choose us for their website development and maintanance. Here we describe some very common cause that really very important for any site owner.

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    Our quality work wins over the price

    we can assure you of the quality and efficiency of the work being delivered by us. When it comes to the price, it is made sufficient yet extremely reasonable. The price decided by us is thoughtful, which no other company offers. Price is made reasonable with the services we furnish with extreme knowledge and creativity. We may not be the cheaper but top-quality provider. In case, the quality matters, you can trust us with this

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    Depth knowledge in printing solutions

    When it comes to the printing solution, knowledge of multiple accessories is mandatory. We have professional experts who aid our printing solution to move forward towards the best skills that they possess. Printing solution service is not furnished by many companies as they do not have the necessary services to build up their domain.

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    Types of printing solutions that are feasible with us

    • 4 colour offset printing: four different colours which have an attractive hue are used to create an impressive range of printable colours.
    • 2 or 3-colored offset printing: as 4 coloured one, similarly, 2or 3 colours are also mixed to create a different shade of a different colour.
    • Digital printing: we print the digital images that you ask for, directly into the media platform without the image losing its original shade.
    • Bulk screen printing: this technique is used to provide a stencil on a fabric, which is made worth it by us
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    Justified cost as per the quality

    We ensure that the price kept for each service that is provided by us is reasonable and cost-efficient. We accept the concerns of our clients and we keep a continuous check on our work. We serve according to the price that we keep.

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    Printing guidelines and support

    Printing solution has to follow a few mandatory guidelines. We follow the guidelines and provide essential support to make the printing extensively attractive. We provide all the essential guidelines necessary for making the best solutions.

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Comments from our valuable clients

Here are some of the comments earned by our valuable clients about us. We are a team of web design and development companies who possess trust and bonds with our customers. All our clients gave an optimistic response towards our services, which makes us toil immensely hard, than we normally accomplish. Besides, more than 200+ clients till now have given good critiques about us to their fellow mates.

Valuable comments of our clients from


Based on 165 reviews.

Friends...I was Looking For Website Devloper...But Have Fear Inside About Scams...Suddenly I Found Kre8iveminds...And They Made Me Clear about everything & Also Satisfied With Their Works...So I Recommend All My Friends....To Part Of This Group For


A hassle free Maintenance and web services for all our digital marketing needs. Good experience.

VAB Ventures

Kre8iveminds has the skill to understand a client's vision and deliver its best.

Rail Business

Kre8iveminds have been taking care of our web designing and have excellent creativity skills of designing websites meeting the requirements of our company.

Ranjit Singh
Senior Manager


Based on 165 reviews.

kre8iveminds is the company who designed the theme (graphic template) for our website www.powercoin.it . It was a pleasure to work with them. Very skilled in graphic, very patient, listen to all requests and ready to change until completely satisfied. Working with Satya and Ram was a nice experience, we are very satisfied of the final work, and for sure will rely on them for future works or updates. Power Coin.


It is a pleasure to work with Kreative Minds. Together we created a brand new exciting website! The logo is just GREAT! Satya and the boys are very cooperative and complying with all my wishes and needs and went further on then what is expected. Overall... GOOD JOB!


kre8iveminds did a great job getting our e-commerce site (My Family Products) up and running!

Cheril Nz

I have done many projects online and kre8iveminds have done all of them. They are very good at what they do. Whatever I am looking for they can do for me. Turnaround on projects is also excellent and probably my favorite part of their service. When I need a project done quickly they get it done on time and done right.

Spencer Wallace


Based on 165 reviews.

Good Experience working with Kre8iveminds, they deliver a quality website for our company, thanks to the team.

Mayank Gupta
1 review
3 weeks ago

Nice experience working with the Kre8ive Team, very co-operative.

Sumita Mondal
1 review
4 weeks ago

very good service, very efficient and co-operative. all my concerns were handled with utmost sincerity. great work!!

Drishti Mehta
2 reviews
A month ago

A lot of Thanks to the Kre8iveminds Team for their fantastic work on my website, highly recommended.

Ritam Mondal
1 review
A month ago

We are one of the Best Website Designing and Web Development Company in Kolkata India.

A full-stack mobile app and website development business with a priority on custom application development and eCommerce solutions for a global customer. We have the developers with us along with a professional touch. We started in 2005 and it's been a really great experience with all the clients we had. We are currently excelling with 17 years of excellence.


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