Kre8iveminds is always consistent in producing effective web design to its clients. Our custom website design includes the following consideration:

Why do I need a custom web design?

Custom web design is extremely important these days. No business is akin; every business has its own set of requirements. We create website keeping business in mind. Design and content positioning is made according to the nature and type of the business.

How does custom web design differ from other web design?

Custom web design explores the characteristics of the business in true manner. Custom web design means customizing websites according to needs. Other web designs do not have this facility. You would not be able to customize your website as per your requirement.

What's your custom designing process?

Custom web design process starts with understanding the client's needs and preferences. We first of all ask you to describe your project detail i.e. your business, purpose and target audience. Once we get the idea we start deliberating to get the finest design idea for your website. Once we finish our design we ask to go through the design and approve it if it is what you had envisioned.

Do you require something from clients before designing websites for them?

We generally ask you to give your project detail which consists of what part of your website, according to you, is not looking good or any further addition you want to make.

Does the clients get access to make further update to websites, as time goes?

Yes, we do provide our clients with the required administrative control so that they can update their sites with news and related informations.

Do we get free hosting? And if yes, then for how long?

Yes, we do provide free web hosting and it depends on what package you choose.

Can we contact or get assistance if we get any problem after the website is up and running?

Yes we would be there 24/7 to help you out with any problem that you face. You can contact our team anytime you want.

Can we redesign an existing Website through you?

Yes, we do provide website redesigning services for our clients.

Does the company provide Graphic designing services?

Yes, we provide a wide array of graphic designing services.

Does the Online/Digital marketing include promotions on Facebook?

Yes, Social media promotions are an integral part of our Online/Digital Marketing services.

Do you provide SEO?

Yes, we do provide Search Engine Optimization services at great and affordable prices.

Can you build e-commerce websites?

Yes, our company does provide services for developing e-commerce websites.