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Search Engine Optimization is the process which affects the visibility of a website during search results. In today’s internet marketing strategy, SEO plays a prominent role. It considers how search engine works, what is in demand of search and which search engines are the most preferred by the targeted audience. It was not much popular in the 17th and 18th century but has a widespread impact over the marketing strategies in the 21st century. The leading engines named as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, use crawlers for their algorithmic search results. Manual submission and human editorial reviews are required for the two major directories, that is, the Yahoo directory and DMOZ. Different tools are also available to optimize search engines. Web designing, typography, etc. also have an impact over the search engine optimization. SEO is a factor which helps a website in avoiding the online trafficking. A variety of methods can enlarge the prominence of a web page within the search results. SEO techniques can be divided into two parts as the techniques recommend as part of good design and the other is those techniques which have no approval. The search engines attempt to small down the effect of the latter. Other than that, the various techniques of SEO includes: ’the white hat’, ‘the gray hat’, and ‘the black hat’. In this competitive time of the era, most of the companies want a expanded business all over the world and internet marketing is a recently-approved strategy to acclaim high promotion over the globe. SEO helps to get a clear visibility through this pacing up internet-war. In India, SEO companies have proved their establishment to serve their clients with a reflective visibility online. It has now become an enhancing business to provide a user-friendly web development through SEO. In India, Digital Marketing companies are innumerous and all of them has a spider-web spread throughout the country and even oversees to grab up a strong grip on this business. The war of the clients to get a crystal-clear visibility on internet has established another business for the SEO experts. The SEO companies in India work as a whole team comprising of technical experts, developers and professional optimizers who work together to boost up their client’s business to an upper level ever. It is very necessary to have an updated website because your way of presence describes your position online. The SEO companies are smart enough to work with intelligence to overtake the race and snatch away the first position anyhow. Thus, it is an upcoming business trend which is proving to expand on a much wider scale, enlarging its techniques and serving in a better way. In India, it might be said that SEO has not yet attained its position at a higher pace but we can’t deny its rapid action to be seen within last few years. So, in other words, we can say that it would place itself in a much broader way in India also, I the next few years.

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