A few years back we didn't use to know about internet marketing. We use to run the business without Website at that time we use to depends on the local market when We got to understand the importance of the Website and promote our business through online after that we are not doing business in locally we are doing business globally. Nowadays most of the company they are creating the Website and doing SEO for their website. Suppose one person he wants to promote their business through the internet how he will start the process? registered the domain name and start to build the website when the website will be up and run we will make a plan for Digital marketing SEO is a long term process and results are rarely immediate, First step is after launching a new website can have a big impact on the website potential to rank in Google search for targeted keywords bringing in traffic and leads. The structure of your website has a huge effect on its ability to rank. You have to structure your website so that each page we can target with specific keywords. For example, You are launching a Website for a men's shoe shop. You are selling a variety of different men's shoes.  You would like to rank each and every category with relevant keywords. So that when user will search with those keywords they found your website number one position in Google.

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