Few Facts that Make a Website Successful!


Kre8iveminds has created a swirl by engaging with new technologies in the creation of a website. We overcame our competition and have launched new technologies which no other website development company in Kolkata has. We serve as the best because of the work and features we possess to attract our customers:

SEO READY: coding is the prime thing for a website to function efficiently. Our skilled professionals work on the codes in such a way that will not crash and loads up extremely fast. They see that the website is perfectly opening on all the devices that have an exceptional internal structure like the PC, mobiles, laptops, iPad etc.

GROWTH ORIENTED: success is associated with growth. Utilizing proper call-to-actions like call buttons, queries, signup buttons and enquiry forms. Opinions and suggestions taken from your matter and those are essential for our growth.

HIGHLY SECURED: we ensure securing a website created by us with the usage of a valid and responsive SSL certificate and up-to-date plugins. The themes and designs we offer are secured that no other website can hack. no scope for hackers as the WordPress version is used.

MOBILE RESPONSIVE: when a website is created it should be accessible on all devices, even mobile phones. The website layout should be created in such a way.

You might be wondering how we create unique designs for our clients. Let me mention a few facts which make a website successful:

ATTRACTIVE DESIGNS: The first thing people look at or admire when they open a website is a design, and how mesmerising it is. If the design of the home page is spellbound, then the customers automatically have excitement to look at the contents inside the website. This in turn furnishes traffic to your website and gives you a great customer view.

MOBILE RESPONSIVE: creating a mobile responsive design for a website is as important as creating it these days. It aids you to work flexibly with ease in your comfort zone. We at kre8iveminds aiming at furnishing new technologies are creating websites with much efficiency.

FAST LOADING: whenever a customer opens your website and it takes a long time to run the website, then the customer automatically goes back and approaches another website. For this thing to not happen, we insist on providing a fast-loading website. Customer satisfaction gives us the courage to work hard and improve technologies.

DELIGHTFUL UX: some of you might have been confused about UX. UX (user experience) OR UI (user interference) are two independent terms which mean the same. UX generally deals with the user experience entirely based on his view about a particular brand, product or service. So, having a delightful UX is crucial for the user to have a better experience. 

SIMPLE TO USE: generally, everyone is not aware of how to use a website. So, it is highly recommended that a website that is being created should have new technologies and at the same time should be easier to access. We bring the top website designing company in Kolkata to offer unique websites which are easier to use.

REGULAR MAINTENANCE: it is not just about creating a website. It is an absolute waste of effort and cost if you cannot take the responsibility of maintaining it efficiently.

SECURE FROM HACKERS: nowadays, hacking has a critical role in the technology industry, all the software companies are hiring people who are good at hacking so that the projects done by them will be secured. In the same way, creating a website with no place for hackers is prominent these days as you cannot always keep an eye if your website is getting hacked. 

APPEARS IN TARGET SEARCHES: when you type a particular keyword in google the SEO guides you and takes you to all the websites consisting of that particular keyword. So while posting stuff on your website related to your business you must use the target searches to grab traffic to your website.

CONTROL YOUR DATA: Having control over your data aids towards maintaining a website that is far more responsible and efficient as you’ll have a clear picture of your website.

BUDGET FRIENDLY: cost efficiency, is what most clients look for. We at kre8iveminds furnish all the services related to web development at an extremely affordable price. No other company in Kolkata offers new technologies on a website at such a reasonable price.

Firstly, most of the customers judge your company just by the maintenance. Later comes the services. Even though your services are good it doesn’t matter as we all know the first impression is the best one. Simply, many people while searching for the best website for the establishment of the work, they first look at the basic design, if it attracts them to go in and look then you already met their expectation of 50 per cent. If you cannot judge it right, you are going to lose the best thing forever.

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