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Our designed logo determines Creativity & professionalism
About our Company Logo and its Creativity

kre8ive - The word kre8ive has got a wide definition to offer. The concept does not remain constricted to a mere narrow sceptic platform, but tend to deliver more than that. Creativity is undefined. It is in the eyes of a beholder where it gets the best exposure. Creative are those who feel more from the heart than from brain. We are an outsourcing firm operating in the market since 2005 with a reputation, but still think it is in our genes to believe that creativity blended with cybernetics gives rise to the soothing feeling and that is what we intended to infuse in the heart of our esteemed clients!

The logo gives an identity to any firm operating in the market thereby increasing its credibility. We are well acquainted with that, thus except from delivering quality service our team of creative artists designed the company’s logo to make it unique both by content and form. It is the experienced professionals from the market that work in here so that we can offer you with the service that satisfies. The message of creative uniqueness thus gets well reflected in our logo.

The dimension of designing a logo depends on the company as well as the creative artists. There is a saying that a picture says thousand words. However, we believe that the same logic applies for logo also. We, through our logo also want people to give a leading insight about us. Briefing more into our logo you will notice that it is a combination of letters and a digit. This is not meant to sound different but has a thoughtful approach behind. Both the letters and digit have various expressions to put forward.

The digit 8 is sharply edged with steeper base as an indication of our business growth towards which we consistently work for; it is in the cubic form, adjoining in corners to signify unity amongst our professionalized teammates. The Digit has been filled with several colours with the aim to seek and put forward more colourful thoughts, spread joy around and keep improvising for betterment by favouring the youthful ideas and liveliness. The background has been white so that the massage of all colours comes across brightly, justifying our urge to make our business visible in the entire world. We constantly try to do our best to pursue for the eighth wonder of the world and hope to be regarded by it solely based on our good works.

We shall now drive you to more practical ways of looking at creativeness and knowing them perfectly. The parents often bring various kinds of toys for their young children to play with even though they may not be quite aware of what that toy is about. Still, there willingness and a hidden conscience drive them towards an action to play with those. The wonder strikes as they often creates some unusual shapes while playing with clays, or may form some distinctive structures out of the blocks which they are themselves not aware of. This defines the existence of creativity in all. There’s no point in holding back your innate qualities, we should explore them and give the right dimension so that the creative uniqueness get the perfect portrayal.

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